Angle globe valveANGLE GLOBE VALVE 

Babcock Valves’ angle pressure seal valves are used for many different aplications where stop or regulating of fluid is required under high pressure and/or temperature conditions.


  • Allows installation in any position.
  • Positive shut-off.
  • Disc guiding. For 8” diameter and larger sizes, bodies are provided with three guides at 120o to guide the disc and ensure a good seal between the seating surfaces.
  • Stellited disc, seat and backseat.
  • Welded or integral seat and/or backseat construction.
  • Streamlined body flow areas. Interior contouring gives minimum resistance to flow and lowest achievable pressure drop, eliminating wear producing turbulence.
  • Stem guide collar to prevent stem rotation and serve as indicator for open and close position.
  • Pressure seal design with clamp, easy to disassemble.


  • Stop-check type.
  • Impactor handwheel or impactogear operator for large sizes and/or high pressure ratings.
  • Different types of operation.
  • Larger sizes on request.
  • Full range or body/bonnet materials.
  • Full range of trim and packing materials.
  • Plug, ball or conical-needle type disc for regulating service.
  • Flanged or butt-weld ends. Meet design of ANSI B16.34, ANSI B16.5, API 600, BS and DIN.



  • Dimensions are in mm, and weight in kg.