bellow sealed valvesBellow sealed valves are designed with a bellow welded onto the bonnet and stem, so when the stem travels, bellows expands or compress. It eliminates the leakage possibility that affect other conventional designs, being ideal for uses on toxic of flammable piping systems.

bellows sealed valvesMULTI-PLY DESIGN

At Babcock Valves’ we use multi-ply bellows design, because its higher pressure resistance. The bellows are generally made of AISI 321 material, which contain titanium, or inconel (unless other client requirements), to withstand higher temperatures and resistance.

Babcock Valves’ bellows seal valves are certified for at least 10.000 failure free cycles, with zero stem leakage guarantee. Fatigue resistance is improved by using a multiply bellows system and reducing the stroke lenght, increasing significantly the bellow service life.

We manufacture gate and globe bellow valves for special, higly contaminating services, from 1/2″ to 24″ diameter and from 150 to 2500 lbs.