globestopcheckThis kind of valve is used generally as a globe valve, with the function of open or close the flow inside a piping system, but it will automatically shut if there is a lost of pressure in the line, preventing from a back flow that would possibly cause damage to equipment, such as boilers or pumps.


Babcock Valves offers globe stop-check valves in a wide range of sizes from 1/2 to 24″, that hold up pressures from 150 to 4500 lbs.


Globe stop-check valves are available with bolted, pressure sealed or threaded and welded bonnets.


We produce stop-check valves in a wide range of materials, including high alloys (exotic), like duplex stainless steels, hastelloy, inconel, monel, titanium, etc. Modern techniques and customer requirements continuously impose changes in materials and design, due to which any reference not included in this web will also be supplied.