Babcock Wilcox

In 1967, Babcock Wilcox Española -present in Spanish market since 1918- started a diversifying politic by setting a valves manufacturing division. Soon it became one of the principal actors in the international market, thanks to its engineering efforts in developing new relevant patents, that improved product´s reliability on principal industries, as power generation, petrochemical industry, oil & gas, water works, etc.

Babcock Wilcox Española was sold in 2004 to AE&E (Austrian Energy & Environment), a company that belonged to A-TEC Group, changing its name and becoming Babcock Power Spain (BPE).

In the beginning of the second decade of this century, a group of investors and engineers acquired all the machinery, the patents and the technical documentation of BPE, founding a new company –Babcock Valves– that inherited the expertise, the know-how and the industrial patents of a company with almost half century of history, and with a legacy of more than 1.200.000 installed valves all around the world.