hydrotest check valves

Babcock Valves’ hydrotest valves

Hydrotest valves are quite versatile. They are an economical substitute for gate valves in the event of a pressure test, and they can also be used for flushing or pickling duties. Limit switches can also be fitted for remote indications. Once our valves are sealed open, there is not any kind of increased resistance to the flow in pipping.


Our hydrotest valves are extremely robust to withstand high pressure stress and high temperatures with a really compact design. They are available with pressure sealed design or with a bolted bonnet, and can be mounted in any position.

isolators on a hydrotest valve

Hydrotest valve closed passage / Hydrotest valve free passage


Babcock Valves’ Swing Check Valves can be transformed onto line blind valves or hydrotest valves by adapting our Blowing device, that fits perfectly on our valves after replacing the hinge pin, the hinge arm and the disc.

blowing device

Babcock Valves’ blowing device for swing check valves