Check valves mounted in some pumping circuits are required to operate very frequently and exposed to fluid reverse (back flow). Regular check valves closes under the effect of its disc weight, the force of an spring or by the back-flow load. Under some pressure conditions, if the valve don´t actuate quickly, the closure may happen at a high negative speed of the back flow, producing an effect called fluid hammer, that may produce a violent contact of the valve disc with its seating. This causes an overpressure effect that may overstrain the valve material producing fatal material cracks or valve’s components breakdowns, and even serious consequences for the pumping station.

Quick closing non return valveSAFER AND LONG LASTING CIRCUITS

Babcock Valves’ quick-closing non return valves shorter the closing time, limiting the overpressure effect improving the safety of the circuit and increasing the durability of its elements. Our designs can operate in maximum aperture mode even at low flow speeds without producing any kind of undesirable vibration, and can be operated in every position, without any kind of maintenance.


The disc of our quick closing valves have a light weight, lowering the inertial movements  with shorter operational travelings, all of this with an excellent sealing capacity and a silent operation, becoming a definitive technical solution for problems originated by surging at pumping systems.

check valves

Quick closing non return valve