y angle stop check valveY-ANGLE STOP-CHECK VALVE

Babcock Valves’ elbow-down stop-check pressure seal valves are used at the discharge of circulating pumps on controlled circulation boilers.

Located at the inlet of the vertical discharge line, the valve has the functions of both the check valve and the stop valve.

This design includes all advantages of Y-body stop-check valves, but besides the stop function, the elbow outlet allows direct connection to the vertical line.


  • Low pressure drop.
  • Excellent resistance to thermal changes.
  • Quick and easy repair in the line.
  • Equalizer increases disc lift. The equalizer is an external pressure-balancing pipe. It connects the relatively high pressure zone above the disc with the lower pressure area in the valve outlet. This reduces the pressure above the disc causing the higher pressure below the disc to raise the disc to full lift. The equalizer also helps to reduce pressure drop and prevents wear producing disc vibration.
  • Seat integrally stellited.
  • Disc fully guided.
  • Renewable disc guide bushing.
  • Drop-tight shut-off.
  • Pressure seal desing with clamp, easy to disassemble.
  • Narrow tapered cone seat faces.
  • Stem guide collar to prevent stem rotation and serve as indicator for open and close position.
  • Impact gear operator with heavy weight construction turning on ball bearings permitting one man to develop high torque. BPE ́s designed impactor handwheels give from 3 to over 12 times the force of an ordinary handwheel to close large valves.
  • A portable air wrench operating from 90 psi plant compressed air supply turns the valve stem. Impactor wrench connection is equipped with safety wrench guard.
  • Combined radial and thrust berings transmit heavy opening and closing loads.



  • Dimensions are in mm, and weight in kg.
  • Other dimensions (F.G…) and data for different valve diameters and pressure rating to be provided upon request (table shows dimensions in most commonly required valves).