piston valvesY-GLOBE VALVE

Babcock Valves’ Y-body (flite flow) pressure seal globe valves are designed with the most advanced tecnologies obtained from direct experience in boilers fabrication.

Among the diferent functions of this type of valve, most relevant aplication is as feed water stop valve, used to protect the water piping between the economizer and the feed water heaters during the hydrostatic boiler test.

These valves are also applicable wherever large volumes are to be handled at high pressure and/or high temperatures, handling steam and water at aceptable velocities and pressure drops.


  • Low pressure drop, aproximately 70% less than vertical T-body valves. This makes possible to have globe valve reliability without compromising on the ideal pipe size, since pressure loss in Y-body globe design is comparable to that of venturi gate valve. Expressed another way, pressure drop in Y-body globe valves is only 40 to 50 pipe diameters.
  • Excellent resistance to thermal changes.
  • Quick and easy repair in the lineWhen you remove the bonnet, the entire seat is completely visible, being no divergent seat angles. Seat is in a single plane facing as you look into the valve. In-line repairs can be made and no special tools are needed. Minor damage can be corrected by ordinary lapping equipment. Major damage can be repaired by portable boring tools. Even a completely destroyed seat can be replaced by a new lay of hardfacing material, welded and machined without taking the valve out of the line. The pressure seal area can be refinished by honing in a few minutes and does not require any special lapping equipment.
  • Seat integrally stellited for maximun resistance to wear and erosion under high velocity flow conditions and freedom from distortion due to extreme temperature changes. This harfaced alloy applied directly on the valve body eliminates commonly used seal-welded seat ring, provides positive support for seat face, minimizes possiblility of seat damage due to changes in line pressure and thermal differentials.
  • Disc fully guided with both seatings and guiding surfaces fully stellited.
  • Renewable disc guide bushing, hardfaced, provides continuous guiding of disc from closed to open position, eliminating large side thrust on the steam and packing.
  • Drop-tight shut-off. Tapered disc fits tapered seat, adjusting itself to minor irregularities.
  • Pressure seal design with clamp, easy to disassemble.
  • Narrow tapered cone seat faces are lesslikely to trap foreign matter with resultng damage to surfaces.
  • Stem guide collar to prevent rotation and serve as indicator for open and closed position.
  • Impactogear operator with heavy weight construction turning on ball bearings permiting one man to develop high torque. Babcock Valves’ designed impactor handwheels give from 3 to over 12 times the force of an ordinary handwheel to close large valves.
  • Combined radial and thrust bearings transmit heavy opening and closing loads.
Y pattern globe valve being tested

Y pattern globe valve being tested



  • Stop-check type.
  • Larger size on request.
  • Flanged or butt-weld ends.
  • Full range of body/bonnet materials.
  • Full range of trim and packing materials.
  • Manual, electric and geared hammer blow handwheel with and without air wrench.
  • Meet design of ANSI B16.34, ANSI 16.5, API 600, BS and DIN.



  • Dimensions are in mm, and weight in kg.