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Main Sectors

Power Generation

We are serving valves to gas & coal-fired plants as well as combined cycle power stations since the 1960 decade.

Babcock has supplied low and high pressure valves to more than 50 plants not only in Europe, but well into the other four continents.

In spite of the current development of wind and solar energies, the plants using fossil energies are still providing electricity to a huge number of people all over the world, so valves for this sector are constantly needed, and Babcock commitment is to attend this demand developing new and more efficient designs every year.

We are traditionally focused in the supply of valves for power plants steam boilers, mainly alloys and high alloys materials for high pressure service. Customized double disc isolation valves for boiler feed main steam lines, is one of main applications.

We are also specialized in the manufacturing of special valves for power plants as quick closing pneumatic operated check valves for turbine protection, or hydrotest valves for isolation of reheaters and hydrostatic testing of the pipeline.

Oil & Gas

Babcock Valves is in the oil & gas industry for more than 40 years

We are mainly focused on midstream (storage and transportation) and downstream (refinery) segments, where valves have to work sometimes under special operating conditions. Pressure and temperature range for oil & gas service is quite wide, having to supply cryogenic service valves when facing very low temperatures.

Many of the valves operating for oil & gas industry are electrically operated. Therefore, the role of the electric actuators can be crucial, by controlling and monitoring each process and helping to maintain high levels of safety.

The importance of zero leakage criteria and the need to prevent fugitive emissions from valve stem sealing are vital nowadays, so clients welcome valves designed and manufactured under high levels of quality.


A wide portfolio of valves ready to comply most of technical requisitions of the chemical industry

Chemical sector comprises a large number of products in constant evolution, so this is why Babcock Valves has a wide portfolio of valves ready to comply most of technical requisitions.

Our commitment is to supply quality valves which bring reliability to the chemical projects, and to provide a full after-sales support by means of our technical staff as well our I&O manuals and 2D/3D technical documentation.

After participating in chemical projects of cracking, hydrocracking, sulfur recovery, methanol, hydrogen or ammonia, we are aware about the safety concerns of the clients, so we cooperate with them to select the right valves to prevent valve leakages and fugitive emissions of associated hazardous products.

Zero-leakage valves by means of high performance sealings are available in Babcock to comply the current requirements of the actual chemical industry.


Wide expertise in attending all kind of petrochemical project specs.

Babcock Valves has supplied thousands of valves for a wide variety of applications and products of petrochemical sector, as urea, ammonia, methanol, olefins or fertilizers. Gate, globe, check and ball valves, both manual operated and electrically actuated, have been manufactured in our facilities to comply final users requirements all over the world.

An extensive list of construction materials, as different grades of stainless steels, are used to attend each petrochemical project specification. Our commitment is to supply high quality and reliable valves to face the plants safety criteria and to avoid any leakage of toxic and pollutant fluids involved.

Our company know how is at client’s disposal to attend any technical enquiry, using cost-efficiency criteria and with the goal to supply the right valve for each application.



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