We have had quite a busy month here, at our workshop. We want to show you just a few examples of our activity.

Supporting the South American mining industry again. A 36″ 900# TC Slab Gate Valve has been already successfully tested at our workshop in Ortuella, Spain. Next steps will be painting, packaging and dispatch to final destination.

Visit this page to find more information about our Through Conduit Gate Valves.

A Reheating Isolating DeviceReheating Isolating Device (Hydrotest valve)

The Babcock Valves Reheater Isolating Device, also called hydrotest valve, is designed to provide an easy and effective way to carry out the piping hydrostatic test by isolating the re-heaters.

It helps not only in the hydrostatic test but also at steam blowing processes and chemical cleaning, facilitating access to inspection zones.
It is the best design for time and money saving.

You can find more information about Hydrotest valves in the “Special valves” section of our website.

Manufacturing Process Plan

After the design, manufacturing begins. Four steps.

  1. Reception in the workshop and castings dimensional control.
  2. Welding processes, accessories and heat treatment.
  3. Hydrostatic test.
  4. Painting and packaging for shipment.

And voilà! A valve is served. Do you want to learn something else about our Manufacturing Process Plan?

Y pattern stop check valve

Y pattern Stop-check valve

Y-Pattern Stop check 12″ 2500# (Screw down non-return globe valve – SDNR). Preparing the valve body for installation of equalizer tube with integral by-pass valve (bottom right corner).

More information about our Stop-check valves available in our product’s pages.