In the demanding world of industrial valve applications, ensuring the reliability and efficiency of gate valves is paramount. This is where the advanced design of pressure seal bonnets significantly enhances valve performance, especially in high-pressure environments. A prime example of this innovation is the 8”, 2500# Gate valve, crafted from the robust A217 WC6 alloy material, which exemplifies the pinnacle of valve engineering and performance.

This Bonnet design offers a superior alternative to traditional bolted bonnet designs, particularly in applications involving high pressures and temperatures. Unlike bolted bonnets, which rely on bolts to secure the bonnet to the valve body, this technology utilize the system pressure itself to enforce the seal. As the internal pressure increases, so does the effectiveness of the seal, ensuring an exceptionally tight seal that minimizes the risk of leaks. This self-reinforcing sealing mechanism makes these valves ideal for high-pressure applications, such as those found in power generation, oil and gas, and petrochemical industries.

Our rigorous testing protocols, conforming to industry standards such as ASME B16.34 and API 598 or specific customer requirements, further underscore the reliability of our pressure seal gate valves. These tests include the shell test at 1.5 times the Cold Working Pressure (CWP), seat rings tightness tests on both sides at 1.1 CWP, a back seat test to ensure no leakage through the packing rings, and a thorough examination to confirm the absence of leakage through the pressure seal gasket.

The impeccable performance of our this valve, validated through comprehensive testing on our test benches, attests to its perfection. The adoption of pressure seal technology in gate valves not only enhances operational reliability and safety but also significantly reduces maintenance requirements, thereby offering a cost-effective solution for high-pressure applications. This technology underscores our commitment to delivering innovative valve solutions that meet the exacting demands of the industry, ensuring operational excellence and longevity.

Pressure Seal Bonnet after leaking test