In a recent update on our operations, we provided an insight into the meticulous assembly process of a robust 16″ 4500# A182 F92 Parallel Slide Gate Valve. Today, we delve deeper into the features that make Parallel Slide Gate Valves indispensable in various industrial applications.

This type of gate valve boasts a distinctive design, featuring two discs and a single wedge, ensuring a smooth flow path between seats. Widely preferred for clean fluids and steam applications, Parallel Slide Gate Valves utilize system pressure for isolation, with closing specifically executed over one of the seats. The higher the system pressure, the tighter the closing, highlighting its efficiency in fluid control.

A unique aspect is the discs’ deliberate movement for precise alignment with seat contact faces during closure, minimizing mechanical stress. The inclusion of an inconel spring between the discs provides initial seating force, requiring minimal additional torque once in position.

Compared to wedge-type gate valves, the Parallel Slide design demands lower operative forces, enhancing efficiency. The wiping action of the discs over seats during operation prevents debris accumulation, ensuring prolonged component life. Seats and discs are hardened with materials like Stellite 6 or Tribaloy, guaranteeing durability.

The Parallel Slide system mitigates pipeline jamming related to cooling, offering reliability in diverse environments. With a comprehensive range of construction materials, actuation systems, and accessories, these valves are adaptable to varying industrial needs.

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