Babcock Valves has designed and manufactured two large size bolted bonnet gate valves of 42″ and 60″ in 150 ASME class.

Also known as sluice valves, gate valves are used when throttle adjustment of the flow is not a functional requirement. At the same time this dual working position is one of its main advantages, because gate valves have a better performance in the pipeline due to its low flow resistance when fully opened, compared to other type of valves, thanks to a clear channel shape inside sf the body. On the other side, when fully closed, flow pressure provide a superior sealing performance. The perpendicular movement of the gate respect to the flow direction implies a smaller necessary effort for actuation during opening and closing procedures.

In Babcock valves we design, manufacture and sell wedge gate valves from 1/2″ to 72″ with an ANSI class from 150 to 2500. We also offer double disc, parallel slide and trough conduit gate valves.

To manufacture this two bolted bonnet gate valves we have used A352 LCB material: a carbon steel formulated for casting that is suitable for low temperature service. This set of valves will be dispatched in brief after fully testing and packing to a project in middle East.