A new order of cryogenic gate valves of sizes up to 16” have been tested at Babcock’s facilities. Inside of our insulated stainless steel tank, the valves has been tested in liquid nitrogen at a temperature as low as -196⁰C.

Cryogenic gate valves are adapted to special conditions of service, being designed to operate effectively at temperatures below -40ºC, mainly used in gas liquefaction systems. At a first glance, they can be distinguish by its extended bonnets, that keep stem packaging away enough to remain functional under the effects of the extreme low temperatures of the flow. In the other hand, this special design helps reducing the heat transference from the outside to the interior of the valve, which means energy savings and more efficient systems.

Leaks in cryogenic valves may imply a serious risk, because at regular temperatures these liquids became gas, quite dangerous in some cases if out of control. This is the reason why testing each unit at low temperatures in our facilities it is a crucial part of our production process.

At Babcock Valves we offer cryogenic gate valves of two different types: wedge gate and double disc gate.