Babcock Valves’ commitment to precision and functionality is evident in the dimensional control of our angle globe valve bodies. Specifically designed as Size 10″, rated at 2500#, and crafted from A351 CF8C material with a Pressure Seal design, these valves stand as robust solutions for diverse industrial applications.

This angle globe valve with pressure seal shows why they are trusted for their ability to handle fluid stoppage or regulation under extreme pressure and temperature conditions. Notable design features include:

• Versatile Installation: Our valves are engineered for adaptability, allowing installation in any orientation.
• Robust Shut-Off Capability: With positive shut-off mechanisms, our valves ensure reliable performance even under the most demanding conditions.
• Precise Disc Guiding: Larger sizes (8″ diameter and above) are equipped with three guides positioned at 120º intervals to ensure precise disc alignment and optimal sealing between seating surfaces.
• Stellited Components: Discs, seats, and backseats are stellited for enhanced durability and resistance to wear.
• Flexible Construction: Valves offer the option of welded or integral seat and/or backseat construction to cater to diverse operational needs.
• Optimized Flow Dynamics: Streamlined body contours minimize flow resistance and pressure drop, reducing wear-inducing turbulence.
• Efficient Maintenance: Leveraging a pressure seal design with a clamp, our valves facilitate easy disassembly, streamlining maintenance operations.

This meticulous design, coupled with precise dimensional control, ensures optimal performance and longevity, making Babcock Valves the preferred choice for critical industrial applications.

You can find more information about Angle Globe valves in this page.

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