We have taken you through the entire development process of our 16” 4500# Parallel Slide Pressure Seal Gate Valve, crafted from A182 F92 forged material, right from its inception at our facilities in Bilbao. This journey has included every critical step – from the initial reception of the body, through the meticulous Non-Destructive Examination (NDE), lapping, welding and heat treatment processes, to assembly and the conclusive hydrotest.

Parallel Slide Pressure Seal valves are an alternative to double disc valves, having two discs but only one wedge instead of two. The discs are in permanent contact with the seat rings, getting a tight seal due to the horizontal inconel spring located in between and without the wedging system help.

Now, this valve stands ready for dispatch, a testament to our commitment to engineering excellence and our capability to bring such complex projects to fruition. It’s a moment of pride for us to see this ‘child’ of ours, matured and ready to embark on its own life.

Accompanying this announcement, we’re sharing photographs of our valued creation, poised to commence its significant role in the Main Steam Line of a Far East Combined Cycle Power Plant. This valve is more than a piece of equipment; it’s a symbol of our dedication and expertise, fully prepared to confront and overcome any challenges that lie ahead.

Dear valve: as you begin this grand adventure, know that you carry with you our best wishes and confidence. You are well-equipped to excel in your new environment. Good luck on your remarkable journey ahead!

Pacjage of a parallel slide pressure seal gate valve