In older posts we wrote about valves in steam boiler systems, including CBD and IBD types. This time we revisit the significance of Intermittent Blow Down (IBD) valves.

The IBD valve plays a pivotal role, tasked with expelling dissolved salts, mud, and solids settled at the steam boiler drum’s base. Its motor-operated, angle-type design incorporates a stem and elongated needle disc crafted from a single piece, strategically engineered for step-by-step operation, minimizing wear and optimizing sludge removal during the boiler’s clean-up process. The frequency of IBD valve operation is contingent upon the unique requirements of each boiler, adapting to varying degrees of contamination.

In the featured photo, witness the hydrotest of a 1.5”x2” LP EVAP IBD Inching MOV with a 600# rating, with different inlet and outlet sizes, as a sample to our commitment to quality assurance in valve manufacturing.

At Babcock Valves, we emphasize the meticulous design and testing of components like the IBD valve, ensuring optimal performance in diverse steam boiler applications. Our dedication to engineering excellence and precision in valve manufacturing is evident in every step, reinforcing our position as industry relevant players.

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