Babcock Valves holds the UNE 73401 certification, endorsed by all Spanish nuclear power plant owners. We consistently supply both ASME Section III and conventional valves, along with spares, to these facilities. Currently, we are in the process of manufacturing a pair of complete spare valves for the Almaraz Nuclear Power Plant, designed identically to those already installed.

In the construction of nuclear valves, every process is crucial, but casting quality is particularly critical. The image provided showcases the receipt of casting components, including bodies, wedges, yokes, and bonnets, which are housed inside the yokes.

These valves are 10-inch Wedge Gate valves, conforming to ANSI Class 900# specifications, and feature a Pressure Seal Bonnet design. This design is pivotal for ensuring robust performance and reliability under the high-pressure conditions typically found in nuclear applications.

For technical professionals in the field, it’s essential to recognize the significance of each component’s integrity. The meticulous production and testing processes we adhere to at Babcock Valves ensure that every part meets the stringent standards required for nuclear safety and efficiency.

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