There are two seasons in the year where we double the number of dispatches. Always before the start of the summer season, and at the end of the year. All our valued customers require their valves before Christmas, which we deliver in tough logistical competition with Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men.
This pictures shows our special Santa’s North Pole: with our packaging area, full of presents… some valves waiting for painting, other already painted, few under packaging process and most of them, ready for dispatch.

IBD valveIntermittent Blow Down and Continuous Blow Down valves

IBD & CBD valves ready to be supplied for a project in Africa. Here, this small one is a quite special Angle Globe Needle Valve. 2″ 900# A105 (HP Drum CBD ISV). This is a manual valve, but there are a lot of friends (photos will follow soon). Some MOV actuated with special instrumentation. Services HP EVAP IBD Inching MOV, IP EVAP IBD INCHING MOV, HP Drum CBD ISV & IP DRUM CBD ISV.

More information about IBD & CBD valves is available in this link.



Assembling a Stop-check valve for a project in Senegal

Special disc and disc nut assembly for a stop check valve for Senegal Project in Africa. This kind of valve is normally used in power plants for safe operation of a boiler. It combines the performances of a globe and a non return valve and can be supplied in straight, Y-type, angle or Y-angle designs.
In the picture, we can see the valve during the assembly process. It´s a small one, isn’t it?

You can find more information about our stop-check valves here.

You can read an interesting article about stop-check valves in Valve Magazine:


Valves for mining industry

Ready for dispatch. After testing, painting and packing, these two valves for mining industry will go directly to South America. Have a good trip!
As always, we are proud manufacturers… of satisfied clients.