Here we have, in our medium-size test bench (a 450 Tons one) a Triple eccentric Butterfly valve being tested. Rating according to ANSI Class 2500#; stainless steel body (ASTM A351 CF10 casting); trim no.12 (316/hard-faced), metal to metal seating, shafts in Stainless Steel 17/4 PH, graphite packing, with flanged ends in accordance with ASME B16.5 ring joint type (RTJ).

Triple offset butterfly valves represent a sophisticated evolution in valve design, offering improved sealing, reduced maintenance, and enhanced performance. Their application is pivotal in industries where the reliable control of fluid flow is essential for operational efficiency and safety.

These valves are characterized by three levels of eccentricity in the design of the sealing components, which include the disc, the shaft, and the sealing ring. This innovative design imparts unique characteristics that set triple eccentric butterfly valves apart from traditional butterfly valves.

The first eccentricity involves the offset of the shaft from the centerline of the valve, the second is the offset of the disc seal, and the third is the geometry of the sealing ring. This triple eccentricity eliminates friction during operation, resulting in minimal wear and tear, reduced torque requirements, and enhanced sealing capabilities. As a result, these valves are ideal for applications where tight shut-off and high-performance sealing are crucial.

Triple eccentric butterfly valves find widespread use in industries such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, power generation, and water treatment. Their ability to handle high-pressure and high-temperature applications, along with their superior sealing performance, makes them suitable for critical processes where precision control and reliability are paramount.

The final destination of this unit will be a Petrochemical Complex.

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