Presenting a pivotal supply update as we furnish two Bellows Seal Y-Pattern globe valves designated for installation at the Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant, boasting a capacity of 992 MWe.

The valves, one 1” Y-Pattern ANSI Class 1500# and the other 2” Y-Pattern ANSI Class 1500#, adhere to ASME Section III standards and hold Class 1 and Class 2 designations. Constructed with SA 105 material, stems in SA564 Gr630, and bellows rigorously tested for 10,000 cycles in AISI 321, these valves exemplify durability and reliability.

The forthcoming installation involves Limitorque Electric Actuator SMB-00, an evidence to our commitment to top-tier components. The attached image captures the 1” valve post-internal hydrotest.

Next step, alongside Third Party Inspection (TPI) and Cofrentes staff, we anticipate conducting a thorough assessment in the client’s presence, ensuring compliance with the required standards.

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