A position indicator allows operators to precisely know the opening degree of a valve. In the valve industry, particularly when dealing with manual flow regulating valves, such as globe valves equipped with needle or parabolic discs, the ability to ascertain the valve’s position at a glance is crucial. This capability is not only vital for determining whether the valve is open or closed but also essential for understanding the exact degree of opening. By knowing the valve’s position and correlating this with its flow curve, professionals can achieve the precise regulation required for optimal operation. This precision is indispensable for maintaining control and efficiency in various applications, underscoring the importance of a reliable position indicator.

Each type shall allow a different grade of control over the circulating fluid. The right combination of a type of disc and material of construction and hardfacing, will minimize wear caused by cavitation in severe applications. With the needle disc design the flow rate is better controlled than other disc designs and a fine regulation is got. Parabolic type disc It is similar to the ball type disc, but its parabolic design provides a higher flow regulation, having a better behavior against wear.

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