We do not only design and manufacture valves. We also recondition and repair valves damaged in severe processes. 

The use of high-temperature molten salts is essential in energy production, where they are used to replace heated oils as transfer fluid for solar thermal power plants (CSP – Concentrating Solar Power). It can be very harmful for the valves due to the remains deposits accumulated on the interior walls.

In these photos, we can see how the valves are introduced into the diluent liquid tank to dilute the solid salts. We disassemble the valve and submerge it in a solution that cleans the body of the valve. After this cleaning process, we change all the valve soft and expendable parts and the units are ready to be reused in the same process with all guarantees, with remarkable savings with respect to replacing the valve with a brand new one.

You can read more about Babcock Valves’ after sales services at: https://babcockvalves.com/about-us/#aftersales

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