Wedge gate valves have several advantages that may be considered when designing a pipeline system. They are engineered to work in full open or closed position, so they can’t be used for regulating the flow, Anyway, there are other characteristics that make them an excellent option compared to other flow regulating devices, like the ones below:

  • The quick reversing of a flow during shutting down procedures, a phenomenon known as “water hammer”, is not quite usual in gate valves due to the slow opening-closing movement.
  • Face to face dimension can be really small with some gate designs due of the nature of the movement of the disc mechanism. This can be quite useful in some piping designs limited by the available space.
  • Once in full open position, the resistance of the internal channel of the body to the flow is very low because it keeps a straight line, so turbulences generated are minor than in other types of valve designs.
  • Opening and closing the valve requires a minor effort due to the movement of the mechanism, that is not directly against the flow, like in some other valve designs.At high pressures, friction of the disc against its guiding, can be compensated with a bypass.
  • Wedge gate valves are easy to install, because both sides are symmetrical, without a predefined flow direction.This fact reduces error factors during the assembly of the pipeline system or maintenance procedures.
  • Less complex manufacturing implies higher reliability and lower maintenance.
  • Wide application range, because gate valves are quite versatile, and can be used in oil, steam, water, high density liquids and other media, including granular solids.
  • Gate valves have a great sealing performance favored by the flow pressure, that helps keeping a tight union between the gate and the seat.